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Stickonbeard Publications produces illustrated children’s books. Our titles are:

Clare, Gran and the Seven-Layer Pie

by Polly Fisher and Lucy Fisher

Clare goes to stay with her gran in the country and suffers Gran’s unimaginative cooking. But Gran has a secret talent: she’s brilliant at baking. They go to the local fete, where Clare has fun at the amusements (sack race, fortune telling) while everybody, including Gran, submits their cakes to the WI competition. Who will win? Perhaps the crystal gazer can predict the result. At the end of the day everybody dances around the field to the sounds of the local brass band.

page_14An Amazon reviewer writes:

Nostalgic Fun: A lovely picture book about Gran and her many-layered cooking, seen through the eyes of Clare, aged 10, set in the 1960s. The star of the book is the pie, an incredible recipe… The book itself has many layers. A light touch of history and village life combines with the vagaries of British cooking. The sparkling illustrations comment on the text and are nostalgic fun, worth poring over. A short glossary explains a few lesser-known words. Grans of today, reading it to a child innocent about rationing, tins, fetes, WIs, 60s fashions and many other things, can think back to their own Grans and whether or not they could cook. The person being read to might like the sound of the awful pie and want to try making it. But I should cook the sausages first.

And another writes:

Clare’s gran makes a strange rationing-era pie for her granddaughter in this gentle story of village life in the 1960s. The skilfully executed and colourful illustrations are full of enjoyable detail. All ends on a high note as, leaving the less-than-tasty 7 layer pie behind, gran triumphs at the village show with her preserves and baking. A book for grandparents to share with their grandchildren, looking back to both the 1960s and 1940s.

And here’s an unsolicited testimonial:

My youngest granddaughter (6) is mad about Clare, Gran & the Seven-Layer Pie, keeps it in my car and reads it whenever I drive her anywhere. How’s that for a reference? PS She’d like you to write another one, please.

The Woman Who Looked for Horizons

by Polly Fisher and Felicity Fisher

A woman lives in the city. However high she climbs, up hills or tall buildings, she can never see the horizon. But one day she finds it…